Predators with Pouches

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A comprehensive reference to the biology of carnivorous marsupials.

Predators with Pouches provides a unique synthesis of current knowledge of the world’s carnivorous marsupials—from Patagonia to New Guinea and North America to Tasmania. Written by 63 experts in each field, the book covers a comprehensive range of disciplines including evolution and systematics, reproductive biology, physiology, ecology, behaviour and conservation. + Full description

Predators with Pouches reveals the relationships between the American didelphids and the Australian dasyurids, and explores the role of the marsupial fauna in the mammal community. It introduces the geologically oldest marsupials, from the Americas, and examines the fall from former diversity of the larger marsupial carnivores and their convergent evolution with placental forms.

The book covers all aspects of carnivorous marsupials, including interesting features of life history, their unique reproduction, the physiological basis for early senescence in semelparous dasyurids, sex ratio variation and juvenile dispersal. It looks at gradients in nutrition—from omnivory to insectivory to carnivory—as well as distributional ecology, social structure and conservation dilemmas.

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No longer available in a print edition.


“This is a truly fascinating book! … This stimulating, carefully produced and well-printed book belongs in the hands of all mammalogists interested in comparative aspects.”
P Langer (Mammalian Biology v.70 no.4 2005)


ePDF | April 2003
ISBN: 9780643069862
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Directions for future research
  • A synthesis of the major issues or concepts in each field
  • Reviews and access to current and older literature
  • Chapters written by experts in each field worldwide
  • Covers all continents where carnivorous marsupials occur
  • Authors from Australia, Europe, North and South America


Part 1 Evolution and systematics
Part 2 Reproduction and development
Part 3 Physiology
Part 4 Evolutionary ecology and behaviour
Part 5 Conservation

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