Click Beetles

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This is the first monograph on the Australian genera of Elateridae - click beetles.

This is the first monograph on the Australian genera of Elateridae - click beetles. The book deals with 74 genera, among which 14 are newly recognised. + Full description

The volume documents the entire Australian fauna and provides lavish illustrations of representative species, and typical examples of the male and female genitalia for each genus. The phylogeny of the genera is analysed and there is a checklist of all described species and appropriate bibliographic and type locality details are given.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"This monograph represents an outstanding effort of scientific scholarship and deals with its subject in detail and thoroughness to a degree with which I have not met previously. This book should be a 'must have' for institutions and for professional and amateur entomologists."
D. Scambler, MYRMECIA

"... a beautifully produced and stunningly illustrated volume... a major contribution to the understanding of the unique and highly endemic Australian elaterid fauna."
John W.M. Marris & Rowan M. Emberson, New Zealand Entomologist

"The work will stimulate debate in the fraternity of taxonomists interested in the classification of Elateridae world-wide, and it will also be of interest to ecologists. It is clearly a milestone in the study of Australian Elateridae."
Howard Mendel, Ipswich, UK, Biodiversity and Conservation


ePDF | January 1996
ISBN: 9780643105171
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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