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Presents major reviews of all current areas of acarology research.

Acarology: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress is a timely overview of the current international research mites and ticks. The outcome of a conference of leading acarologists, it presents major reviews of all current areas of research including: + Full description

  • advances in acarine biodiversity and systematics
  • human and livestock diseases transmitted by ticks and other parasitic mites
  • interactions between mites and their food plants
  • mites as biological control agents
  • use of genetic markers in mite population studies
  • mites as bioindicators
  • ecology and biology of soil mites
  • mite evolutionary ecology and reproduction
  • advances in acarine diversity and systematics

The 90 papers in the book represent some of the best research from leading international researchers from over 50 countries, and helps to establish priorities for future research. All papers have been peer reviewed and edited.

Acarology is a comprehensive and important addition to the world literature on mites, and is an essential addition to all acarological and entomological reference collections.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"The diversity of topics is a definite strength of this book. . . . The book is carefully edited, and well printed. Editors are to be complimented on a fine job."
Danuta Kropczynska, Department of Applied Entomology
Warsaw Agricultural University, Poland
(Experimental and Applied Acarology 27: 253-255, 2002)


ePDF | July 2001
ISBN: 9780643069800
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Introduction: Past, Present and Future Acarology
Acarine Systematics and Phylogeny
Acarine Biogeography and Biodiversity
Evolutionary Ecology of Acarine Reproduction
Acarine Morphology and Ultrastructure
Ecology and Biology of Soil Mites
Interactions between Mites and Plants
Biology and Control of Mites in Horticulture
Acarine Biological Control Agents
Medical and Veterinary Acarology
Ecology and Physiology of Ticks