Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 5

cover of Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 5

An excellent bibliographic source to 330 species (including introduced and domesticated species) in 41 families that occur in Australia.


". . . this fundamental work on Australian mammals can be used as an example for similar projects done with the use of current information technology."
Z Pucek, Acta Theriologica


  • Family Introductions - A brief family introduction has been given for each family. The information included consists of a diagnosis of the family, the number of species present in Australia and a summary of the life pattern of the group.

  • Synonymies - As far as possible, complete synonymies have been given for all native terrestrial species. The synonymies given are lists of available names in their original combinations, i.e. cases where the type species of a genus available name is considered to belong to the genus in question or the holotype, syntype, lectotype or neotype of a species available name is referable to the species in question.

  • Citation of Names of Taxa - Each available name is given in its current legitimate form without diacritic marks, capitalisation or hyphenation. Where appropriate, the original form of the name also is included.

  • Dates of Publication - The year of publication of each name is given before the title of the work in which the name first appears.

  • Type Specimens - The location, catalogue number(s) and status of the primary type(s) are given whenever possible.

  • Type Localities - Modern forms of the geographic place names of type localities are given and followed, where different,by the original place name.