Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 09

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This volume, the second of 14 proposed Coleoptera volumes, is the authoritative work on the Australian native and introduced Scarabaeoidea. Of great economic importance, this group is represented in Australia by the families Lucanidae, Passalidae, Trogidae, Geotrupidae, Ceratocanthidae, Hybosoridae and Scarabaeidae. Nearly 300 genera and over 2500 species are recognised.


". . . the Catalogue is a mine of information and a milestone in the study of the Australian Scarabaeoidea . . . All scarab workers need a copy."
PG Allsop, Journal of the Australian Entomological Society

". . . I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone interested in beetles and scarabaeoids in particular. "
CH Scholtz, African Entomology

". . . for any worker involved with the Australian scarabid fauna, the Catalogue is indispensable."
M Baehr, Spixiana

". . . this is the most welcome addition to the series and will be well used by workers on the Scarabaeoidea. "