Flora of Australia Volume 11A and 11B

cover of Flora of Australia Volume 11A and 11B

Describes, illustrates and provides identification tools to Acacia (wattles) in Australia.

Australian wattles are now described in the Flora of Australia. These two volumes provide for the first time in many years a complete account of this important group of plants. They are the culmination of decades of work by a team of scientists from across the country, and present a benchmark that will be indispensable for land managers, horticulturalists, scientists and all those who wish to know more of one of the country's iconic plants. + Full description

The volumes open with background essays on the relationships, biology, fossil history and utilisation of wattles, before moving to the traditional tightly written authoritative descriptions, identification keys, bibliographic information, and notes on ecology and distribution. Virtually all taxa are illustrated in carefully accurate black and white line drawings, and many are also represented in some 128 colour photographs and two original watercolour paintings.

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The Acacia Set comprising Flora of Australia Volume 11A & 11B and Wattle: Acacias of Australia.

- Short description


"The authors and editors of these volumes on Acacia are to be complimented with this important and beautiful addition to the series Flora of Australia. Congratulations!"
Frits Adema (BLUMEA v.47 no.1, 2002)

“Volumes 11A and 11B on Acacia are in the clear format by now familiar to users of this flora.”
Rudolf Schmid University of California, Berkeley (Taxon 50 November 2001)

“This set of two volumes and a compact disc [Flora of Australia Volumes 11A & 11B: Mimosaceae, Acacia and Wattle: Acacias of Australia] surpasses any of its predecessors in its brilliance. The set is a triumph, skillfully combining the vital aspects of α-taxonomy, economic uses, fossil history and palynology and interactive keys on compact disc.”
TJ Edwards, Curator, Natal University Herbarium, South Africa (South African Journal of Botany v.68 2002)

“… a grand accomplishment and advance the study of Australian wattles immensely.”
Paul Forster (Plant Systematics and Evolution v.233 no.3/4 2002


  • Two quality volumes on one of the most important and well-known genera of Australian plants
  • Introductory essays on relationships, ecology, fossils and economic uses of the genus and species
  • 34 pages of colour photographs
  • 180 pages of black and white line drawings