Design and Control of Concrete Mixes

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Because concrete is made from materials that show considerable variations in their properties, it is not possible to design concrete mixes on strictly scientific principles. The information given in this Building Technology File (BTF) is intended to serve as a guide only to the design of concrete mixes, and the reader with limited knowledge of the subject will probably find that a considerable amount of laboratory and field experience is required before satisfactory results can be obtained consistently and expeditiously. The amount of control required to ensure that concrete with suitable properties will be produced varies within wide limits, and usually a balance has to be struck between costs and the importance and the requirements of the structure. If a high standard of control is required, it may be necessary to carry out frequent tests on the properties of the raw materials used in the production of the concrete, as well as on the properties of the plastic and the hardened concrete. + Full description

Much of the information given in BTF 08 Concrete, is also relevant to this BTF, and the two should be considered together.

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