cover of ThripsID

ThripsID: Pest Thrips of the World is an interactive identification and information system that provides a fully illustrated and user-friendly means of recognising most of the thrips species that have been recorded as pests in various parts of the world. This comprehensive package also offers a range of information on the host-plants, distributions and body structure of these species. ThripsID: Pest Thrips of the World provides detail on the generic and family classification of this order of insects, the Thysanoptera.

Covering 180 species of thrips in 95 genera, and all 9 of the currently recognised families of Thysanoptera, the identification system is richly illustrated with more than 1500 original photomicrographs, showing details of the structure of each species.

ThripsID: Pest Thrips of the World will be a valuable resource for research workers, quarantine officers, economic entomologists and virologists, and also teachers and students who wish to know more about this order of insects.


“This CD-ROM is extremely elegant in layout and identification mechanisms, and the notes and images are of exceptional quality. … This CD-ROM will be very useful for thrips workers conducting faunal surveys, border inspection and quarantine officers trying to identify intercepted thrips, instructors supervising student teaching laboratories, especially advanced entomology classes, and plant pathologists working with thrips.”
Mark S. Hoddle (Bulletin of Entomological Research v.92 2000)

“This education aid is useful in developing proficiency in a virtually inaccessible areas of study without direct access to a specialist.”
MK Harris, Texas A&M University (CHOICE v.40 no.2 October 2002)