Australian Soil Poster

Image of Australian Soil Poster, featuring many small photographs of soil

Poster - August 2001 - AU $20.00

Describes and illustrates the 14 soils orders used in the Australian Soil Classification.

Australia has a great diversity of soils. These range from ancient, strongly weathered and infertile soils to those that are younger and more fertile. This full-colour poster (990 mm x 700 mm) describes and illustrates the fourteen soils orders – from podosols to sodosols, organosols to kurosols – used in the Australian Soil Classification.


"This is very instructive information for teachers about the importance of soils!"
International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) Bulletin 2000


Poster | August 2001 | $ 20.00
ISBN: SOILPOSTER | 990 x 700 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Land and Water
Colour illustrations