EUCLID old edition

Winner of the technology showcase category at the 2003 Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing
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An interactive identification and information system for all southern Australian eucalypts.

Winner of the technology showcase category at the 2003 Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing.

The new edition of EUCLID is an interactive identification and information system for all southern Australian eucalypts (690 taxa). Covering more than two thirds of the species, EUCLID 2nd Edition includes the species in southern Western Australia and western South Australia as well as those south-eastern species covered in the first edition of EUCLID.

The latest Lucid Player ensures an easy-to-use and simple means of naming a eucalypt plant (or specimen) using whatever information is available. A total of 113 characters, covering the morphology - habit, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, buds, seeds and juveniles - and some geographic and ecological information ensure the reliability of the key. Interpretation of the character information is assisted with help notes and images featuring colour photographs or line drawings.

Easy to navigate HTML fact sheets for each species include a botanical description, common name, the formal scientific name together with nomenclatural synonyms, geographic and ecological information, and notes covering relationships, distinguishing features and other species it might be confused with. This information is complimented with over 6000 high quality colour images covering each species, illustrating all the main features of the plant, and a map showing natural distribution.

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". . . there are wonderful images and comparative descriptions for verification. I would rate the package highly for identification and as an encyclopaedic resource of eucalypts. . . . EUCLID is good value, and regardless of whether you have the first edition, edition 2 is definitely worth purchasing."
Jeremy J. Bruhl, The University of New England, NSW (Austral Ecology v.29, 2004)

"A "must buy" for anyone trying to identify or seeking further systematic information on a Eucalyptus species in southern Australia."
(Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 115, June 2003)

". . . EUCLID II is by far the best means available to identify trees of this difficult group. . . Users who need a copy of this fine work include not just the obvious foresters and botanists who need to identify eucalypts as part of the process of earning a living."
Hugh Glen, Pretoria, South Africa (Plant Systematics and Evolution v.241 no.1/2, 2003)

“It is easy to use and I found it reliable at arriving at the correct conclusion. I would recommend it to anyone needing to identify eucalypts on a regular basis or who needs information on the species in its natural habitat.”
Pat Brown, Forestry and Forest Products Research Centre, South Africa (South African Journal of Botany v.71 no.1 2005)


What’s new in the Second Edition?
  • Inclusion of all the species of the south-western part of the continent (SA and WA)
  • An additional 366 taxa, a total of 690 taxa
  • Now more than 6000 colour images
  • Additional geographic characters relating to new areas covered
  • Photos of seeds are included for all species
  • Updated 'Notes' section for all species, including relationship information on subgroups to which each species belongs and why
Other features
  • Developed from the Australian National Herbarium database of 60 000 specimens, plus glasshouse studies of juvenile morphology and extensive field observations
  • The latest Lucid Player version 2.2 with HTML facilities including web searching