Australian Tropical Rain Forest Plants

An interactive identification and information system for 2154 species of trees, shrubs and vines of northern Australian rain forests.

Australian Tropical Rain Forest Plants: Trees, Shrubs and Vines is an interactive identification and information system for 2154 species of trees, shrubs and vines of northern Australian rain forests. Building on the second edition, it includes the species in northern Australia, from Broome in Western Australia to Townsville in Queensland, with additional species and many new photographs.

This powerful identification tool provides an easy to use and simple means of naming a rain forest plant using whatever information is available. By selecting characters from the plant (or specimen), and responding to a series of choices, the user is able to achieve identification via a process of elimination. A total of 154 characters, covering the morphology — habit, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, buds and seedlings — and some geographic and ecological information ensure reliability of the key is high. Interpretation of the character information is assisted with help notes and images featuring colour or line drawings.

A comprehensive information system for each species includes common name, the formal scientific name together with nomenclatural synonyms, geographic and ecological information, distinguishing features and natural history notes. The descriptions are combined with high quality colour images for most species, leaf X-ray images and a map showing natural distribution.


"The key for identification is user friendly and works quickly down to an identification or, in some cases, a few species with similar traits."
Frits Adema (BLUMEA v.49, no.1, 2004)

". . . represents the finest resource available for identifying rainforest plants in Australia and is a must for all those working in the area."
Chris Humphries (Plant Talk 34, Oct 2003)

"This program contains a wealth of information . . . I highly recommend this excellent program to identify and learn about woody plants and giant herbs in the Australian tropical rain forest."
Rudolf Schmid, UC (Taxon 52 May 2003)

"The book is a welcome and essential reference for all taxonomists working on Australian fungi and for those wanting to use up-to-date names for Australian fungi. . . If you are in any way interested in the plants of tropical Australia's closed forest, and you have access to a personal computer, I suggest order a copy today."
John Clarkson, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 117, Dec 2003)


  • Now includes 455 species of vines
  • Easy identification of rain forest flora even if only part of the plant is available
  • Over 3400 colour images of adult plants, covering the flowers, fruit and leaves, over 3400 colour scans of seedlings, and nearly 2150 leaf x-ray images
  • Data represents the culmination of 40 years study by Australia’s leading research group on Australian tropical rain forest flora
  • Based on the world’s most comprehensive collection of Australia’s tropical flora held in CSIRO Plant Industry’s Atherton Herbarium
System Requirements
  • Windows 95 or higher
  • Not compatible with Windows Vista
  • 16 Mb of RAM
  • SVGA monitor (800 × 600 recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive