Sustainable Agriculture

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Explains the concepts and long-term benefits of sustainable farming systems.

The technological revolution in farming practices has allowed us to clear and cultivate more land, grow plants and animals faster, and kill a greater variety of pests and diseases than ever before. Unfortunately, these efficiencies are proving to be unsustainable in the long term and have created problems such as soil structural decline, erosion, salinity, soil acidification, loss of fertility, nutrient loading of waterways, dams and a build up of chemical residues. + Full description

This book is about foreseeing and understanding such problems and addressing them before it is too late. John Mason examines all these problems and explains the concepts and long-term benefits of sustainable farming systems such as permaculture, biodynamics, organic farming, agroforestry, conservation tillage, and integrated hydroculture.

Sustainable Agriculture 2nd Edition also looks at important issues such as monoculture versus polyculture, the use of hybrids, selection criteria for plants and stock, integrated pest management and preparing a farm for droughts and floods. Other areas examined include diversifying into farm tourism and value adding before selling produce.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"No doubt, the book will be useful to environmentally aware farmers, particularly in Australia."
Sayed Azam-Ali (Experimental Agriculture v.40, 2004)

"This well-researched, down-to-earth book makes for a good introduction to the principles and practices of more sustainable soil, water, crop, stock, pest, weed and disease management. It's a must-have for small hobbyists, full-time farmers and big corporates alike. . . jam-packed with useful tips, hints and full-blown strategies for better farm businesses, better conservation on farms and altogether better farming."
Habitat Australia, February 2004

"This is an important guide for students, farmers, conservationists and anyone interested in sustainable agriculture options . . . It does include plenty of useful advice that can be applied immediately."
Conscious Living, Issue 65 2004

"Much information is summarised into points and charts, making it easy to find and clear to read. The book would be useful for anyone on the land wanting to incorporate sustainable farming methods into their daily life, as well as student, enviro groups and even gardeners."
Grass Roots, no.161 Feb/Mar 2004


ePDF | September 2003
ISBN: 9780643091054
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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  • Explains the different sustainable farming systems
  • Covers how to manage change to implement sustainable farming
  • Provides strategies from a cross-section of countries
  • Explores new areas such as farm tourism and value adding
  • Investigates weed control without chemicals


Chapter 1 Different things to different people
Chapter 2 Sustainable concepts
Chapter 3 Soils
Chapter 4 Water management
Chapter 5 Pest and disease control
Chapter 6 Sustainable natural weed control and cultivation
Chapter 7 Management
Chapter 8 Managing plants - crops and pastures
Chapter 9 Managing plants – tree plantings and windbreaks
Chapter 10 Managing animals in a more sustainable way
Chapter 11 Understanding products used in sustainable agriculture