Introduced Mammals of the World

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A comprehensive account of over 300 mammal species introduced by humans with extensive details on the fate and impact of these introductions.

Winner in the Scholarly Reference section of the 2004 Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing. + Full description

Introduced Mammals of the World provides a concise and extensive source of information on the range of introductions of mammals conducted by humans, and an indication as to which have resulted in adverse outcomes. It provides a very valuable tool by which scientists can assess future potential introductions (or re-introductions) to avoid costly mistakes. It also provides tangible proof of the need for political decision makers to consider good advice and make wise and cautious decisions. Introduced Mammals of the World also provides a comprehensive reference to students of ecological systems management and biological conservation.

This book is a companion volume to Introduced Birds of the World, by the same author, published in 1981, and which remains the premier text of its kind in the world more than twenty years after it was published. Introduced Mammals of the World provides the most comprehensive account of the movement of mammals around the world providing details on the date(s) of introduction, the person/agency responsible, the source populations, the location(s) of release, the fate of the introductions, and the impact if known, for over 300 species of mammal.

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"This book represents a major compilation and is destined to be a standard reference work for many years to come."
Professor Stephen Harris, University of Bristol, UK

"The author has produced an invaluable work of reference."
Tim Low (Nature Australia, Winter 2004)

". . . the amount of information in this book is impressive, and is certain to make this an important reference for any university library."
Douglas A Kelt, University of California, Davis, USA (Journal of Mammalogy v.85 no.2, 2004)

“Overall the book is a priceless contribution to mammalogy and all mammalogists would love to have this book on their bookshelves.”
Robert Close (Australian Mammalogy v.27, 2005)


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ISBN: 9780643090156
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Monotremata
  • Marsupialia
  • Insectivora
  • Chiroptera
  • Primates
  • Lagomorpha
  • Rodentia
  • Carnivora
  • Proboscidea
  • Perissodactyla
  • Artiodactyla


Systematic list of introduced mammals
Index to common names
Index to scientific names


John Long is deceased. Manuscript finished by Dr Peter Mawson.

John Long had a life-long interest in the impacts that exotic fauna have on their 'new homes'. His landmark publication, Introduced Birds of the World, published in 1981, became the 'working bible' for conservation managers and students of avian fauna introductions throughout the world.

A passionate traveller, John Long visited South-East Asia, Japan, the Pacific, North and South America, the United Kingdom and Europe. His last journey - on the Trans-Siberian railway - fulfilled a life-long ambition to see western Asia and parts of China. These trips provided him with first-hand experience of the conditions that supported introductions of exotic fauna.