Nutrition of Goats During Drought

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Paperback - March 2003 - AU $26.00

Reviews the energy and water needs of goats, the appropriate feeding systems and ration formulation, and the welfare of goats.

Application of drought strategies may endanger the welfare of significant numbers of goats. Many goat managers were not in the industry during the last long-term drought. It is appropriate for goat drought feeding recommendations to be reviewed. + Full description

With the impact of the current drought expanding, the goat industry requested that a review of existing material relevant to Australian conditions be prepared as soon as possible.

The key areas reviewed in this report are:

  • the energy and water needs of goats
  • appropriate feeding systems and ration formulation
  • the welfare of goats.

- Short description


Paperback | March 2003 | $ 26.00
ISBN: 9780064258549 | 72 pages
Publisher: RIRDC


As a Senior Research Scientist, Dr Bruce McGregor has specialised in improving the production and quality of speciality animal fibres and goat meat. He has been directly involved in the development of the mohair, cashmere, goat meat and alpaca industries with research, on-farm development and extension programs aimed at overcoming constraints to the development of viable industries. He has published 300 research, technical and advisory articles on these subjects. Bruce has had a long interest in nutritional management of Australian goats. At the 6th International Conference on Goats, Beijing, he received one of four Gold Awards for his scientific paper on goat nutrition. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the international scientific research journal Small Ruminant Research. He is a past president of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Society of Animal Production.