Waterplants in Australia

Hardback - July 2003 - AU $65.95

Features 150 waterplants, including introduced weeds, potential weeds, common native species and native species.

This expanded edition of Waterplants in Australia contains fine line drawings, excellent photographs, identifying characteristics, distribution, history, control, and reproduction, all in a concise, easy-to-use format. + Full description

It now contains information on 150 waterplants plus chapters on charophytes, willows and stormwater management. There is also a major contribution on blue-green algae.

- Short description


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Hardback | July 2003 | $ 65.95
ISBN: 9780958105514 | 428 pages
Publisher: Sainty & Associates
Colour illustrations


How to use this book
Collection for identification
Aquatic plant management
Introductions and invasions
Vulnerable aquatic plants
Pictorial key
Plant descriptions (pages 2-289)
Classification of Australian wetlands
Bloom-forming blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria)
Waterplants – use and abuse
Wetlands for stormwater management: water, vegetation and mosquitoes – a recipe for concern