Greenhouse: Coping with Climate Change

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A landmark publication summarising our understanding of climate change issues as they affect Oceania.

Consideration of climate change deals increasingly with impacts and responses, and therefore involves a wide range of technical issues and a diverse community of experts. One of the challenges faced is that of ensuring effective communication between these different areas of expertise. For example, climate change studies require new types of collaboration between carbon cycle modellers and economists, and between meteorologists and coastal geomorphologists. Furthermore, there is a need to distil balanced assessments ranging across many disciplines for the benefit of all policymakers.Greenhouse: Coping with Climate Change brings together the contributions of many experts to the climate change debate. + Full description

This book is a landmark publication summarising our understanding of climate change issues as they affect Oceania. It contains review papers that report on the status of knowledge, methodologies and developments; and a selection of focused papers that expand on specific issues and present significant new developments of wide general interest and relevance to the region.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"An essential reference work in the field."< br>AUSTRALIAN

"... this book is an honest and very valuable report of the formal presentations made during Greenhouse 94."
ECOMOD March 1997

"…a unique compendium of perspectives on current and future climate change. Although the focus is Oceania, these perspectives are framed in the global context and are relevant to all with interests in the science and economics of climate change. All 38 papers have been peer-reviewed, and the 73 reviewers are listed…The great virtues of this volume are its broad scope and the diverse faces of research presented around a common theme. It is unrivalled as a compendium of contemporary research into climate change in Oceania and in highlighting the critical issues facing that region…The standard of presentation and writing are high throughout these papers and the format and style consistent, for which the editors deserve praise."
Rewi Newnham, University of Plymouth, The Holocene 7(1997)

"…authoritative, well written and provide an immensely useful and detailed account of many facets of this multi-faceted field."
Bruce Morton, Monash University, Australian Meteorological Magazine June 1997


ePDF | January 1996
ISBN: 9780643105034
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Introduction to climate change - observed changes and modelling of climate change
  • Science of global warming, including ocean and climate processes
  • Impacts of global warming, such as effects on agriculture and land systems, on water resources, and commercial fisheries
  • Adaptations to global warming
  • International perspectives
  • Economics, energy and options
  • National responses - How will Australia and New Zealand plan for these changes?