Protecting the Future

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Describes the practical implementation of global sustainability principles in a major tertiary institution.

Protecting the Future showcases tangible examples of the practical implementation of global sustainability and the triple bottom-line plus one (comprising environmental, social and cultural economic and governance dimensions) in the scholarship and operations of RMIT University. These practical initiatives, applications and methodologies can provide information and inspiration for individuals or organisations wanting to implement global sustainability principles in their planning and operations. + Full description

Global sustainability is one of the fastest growing concerns around the world. Organisations of all kinds are increasingly aware that their future may well depend on their ability to create solutions to economic, environmental, social and cultural as well as governance issues.

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No longer available in a print edition.


“The inspiring initiatives presented in this book show how you can integrate the principles of sustainability into your personal and professional life. With a little imagination and commitment, you can move beyond debating definitions of sustainability to take innovative, practical steps to incorporate more sustainable measures into your work and home. Across traditional disciplines the authors show how to address complex global and local sustainability challenges. These real life examples will inspire and provide readers with the confidence do what is needed to protect the planet and its people for current and future generations.”
L. Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Inc.

“In this concise volume, the authors provide a much needed compendium of insights and tools for educators to introduce sustainable development into our teaching and into our academic lives. Here at last is a rich resource of ideas and inspiration to concretely advance sustainable development. What a wealth of ideas from RMIT!”
Joanne M. Kauffman, Co-Executive Director, Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS)


ePDF | October 2004
ISBN: 9780643092150
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Shows how large and diverse organisations can cut across traditional boundaries.
  • Provides case studies for those who practise, teach, research, consult, report and operationalise aspects of sustainability.



  1. Learning about sustainability in the field: 'Farming the Future'
    Amaya Alvarez and Judy Rogers

  2. Queen Victoria Market - communicating sustainable design solutions about rubbish!
    Edmund Horand

  3. Shifting the ground - sustainable engineering at RMIT
    Roger Hadgraft, Peter Muir, Margaret Jollands, Jenni Goricanec, Allison Brown and Andrea Bunting

  4. Home among the gum trees: RMIT Hamilton
    Kaye Scholfield

  5. Melbourne Youth Learning Opportunities project - sustainability story
    Glenn Bond and Trish van Lint

  6. Solving salinity with the power of the sun
    John Andrews

  7. Supermodern Gorgeous!
    Anthea van Kopplen

  8. Memory and an artist's view
    Adele Flood

  9. Mercury stole my fire
    Anitra Nelson

  10. Facilitating sustainable building: turning observation to practice
    Dominique Hes

  11. Rats in the labyrinth: a sustainability story from Vietnam
    David Wilmoth

  12. Sustaining Ormond's vision of RMIT
    Robyn Oswald-Jacobs

  13. Rubbish, students, passion and the greening of RMIT
    Donna Noonan