Dynamics of Leaf Photosynthesis

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Details a novel approach to dynamic, as opposed to steady-state, analysis of leaf photosynthesis.

This book details a novel approach to dynamic, as opposed to steady-state, analysis of leaf photosynthesis by integrating fast responses to Carbon Dioxide:Oxygen exchange with optical techniques for fluorescence, light scattering and absorbance measurements. It outlines state-of-the-art approaches to the next generation of photosynthetic research in vivo.


No longer available in a print edition.


"This book is a brilliant presentation on methodology of whole plant analysis of photosynthesis combining optical signals to measure photochemistry and CO2 and O2 exchange to measure assimilatory processes.

The authors' solid grounding in physics and mathematics, and long research experience in photosynthesis, result in an exceptional product. It is of value to everyone from experienced specialists, to students and teachers of photosynthesis. This work not only brings together a thorough description of the methodological details, but it presents a unique system of analysis of gas exchange and optical signals which will accelerate future applications of these techniques."
Professor Gerry Edwards, Washington State University

"It can be recommended without reservation to all who want to become acquainted thoroughly with the basic principles of investigating gas exchange of leaves as well as to those who are interested in actual techniques and trends."
Martin Peisker, Gatersleben (Journal of Plant Physiology Vol. 157, No. 2, 2000)

"The objective of the founders of the Series, Laurie Martinelie (Publisher) and Barry Osmond (Series Editor), is to publish a series of inexpensive monographs devoted to specific set of techniques and methodological approaches in experimental botany. The book of Agu Laisk and Vello Oja, based on more than 30-year experience of the authors in the methodology of photosynthesis studies, is presented exactly in this style... Although Drs Martinelli and Osmond assume that "the paperbacks (of the Series) are designed to have a useful working life in the laboratory of about 5-10 years", I am convinced that many ideas, experimental approaches, construction details, and various tools may be live for much longer time, and may serve in constructing sophisticated commercially unavailable installations."
J. J. Catsk√Ĺ (Praha) [Photosynthetica (International Journal of Photosynthesis Research) Vol. 37(3), 1999]


Paperback | January 1998 | $ 79.95
ISBN: 9780643063785 | 176 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ePDF | January 1998
ISBN: 9780643105294
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Conceptual background
  • Rapid-response gas exchange measurement systems for the investigation of the kinetics of leaf photosynthesis
  • Kinetic analysis of leaf carbon metabolism in steady-state C3 photosynthesis
  • Investigations of transient processes in C3 leaf photosynthesis
  • Investigations of proton concentration and transport in leaves by gas exchange methods
  • Probing PS II in vivo using rapid-response gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Probing PS I in vivo using rapid-response gas exchange and absorbance around 800 nm
  • Concluding remarks