Flora of Australia Volume 17A

The cover image of Flora of Australia Volume 17A, featuring a Grevillea br

This is the second of three volumes describing the Australian Proteaceae. Volumes 17A and 17B together complete the treatment of the subfamily Grevillioideae, with over 640 species in tribe Grevilleae (Grevillea, Hakea) and tribe Banksieae (Banksia, Dryandra, Musgravea and Austromuellera). This part describes the 447 taxa of Grevillea. + Full description

Grevillea and Banksia, in particular, are conspicuous components of the Australian flora, and important in the horticultural and cut flower trades. In habit, they range from rainforest trees to prostrate shrubs. Dryandra is endemic to south-western Western Australia, while Grevillea, Hakea and Banksia are widespread, especially in the southern states. Musgravea and Austromuellera are confined to rainforests in Queensland.

- Short description


"I have already praised this flora, which is among the very best in the world. . . Here, with volume 17A, is the latest offering to praise. . . It is a monumental volume for this great Australian genus, which has considerable horticultural value."
TAXON 49, August 2000

“Here is a solid work of high quality that fills a major gap in the practical and scientific literature of Australia.”
Plant Talk 22/23 Jul/Oct 2000

“These volumes provide the basis for much future research and that is to be welcomed. This is probably the last time that these proteaceous genera will be presented in this form and as such these will represent an important moment in the history of our understanding of the flora of Australia. It goes without saying that if you have an interest in the Proteaceae, you must have a copy of these volumes.”
Robert S. Hill, Department of Environmental Biology, University of Adelaide (New Zealand Journal of Botany v.39, 2001)

“This set of books [v.17 A & B] will also be an invaluable reference to botanists working with these common Australian genera. . . The species descriptions are clear, and a map shows the distribution of collections for each taxon.”
Austin Mast (Plant Systematics and Evolution v.227 no.3/4 2001)

“. . . this volume can only enhance the already high regard in which the Flora of Australia is held, and one feels that the author an each member of the production team have earned the great Strine compliment: ‘Good on yer, mate!’.”
HF Glen, National Herbarium, Pretoria, South Africa (Bothalia v.31 no.1 2001)

“This work combines quality scientific, exhaustiveness and facilitated use.”
La Garance Voyageuse no.56 2001