Flatworms Set

cover of Flatworms Set

The Flatworms Set contains Marine Flatworms: The World of Polyclads and Fabulous Flatworms: A Guide to Marine Polyclads.

Marine Flatworms provides a fascinating introduction to the intriguing world of polyclad flatworms, a group of large, free-living marine Platyhelminthes, which are found throughout the world but are most colourful in tropical waters. Although not related to molluscs, they are often mistaken for sea slugs because of their brilliant colour patterns.

The CD-ROM Fabulous Flatworms enables users to distinguish and learn about hundreds of marine polyclads, commonly known as flatworms. Using an innovative key based on body patterns, it allows both amateurs and specialists to identify these beautiful underwater creatures.


Dr Leslie J Newman is a world authority on polyclad flatworms, having discovered and described more than 100 new species. A graduate in marine biology from the University of Guelph, Canada, Leslie completed her doctoral studies in Queensland and is currently Curator of the Marine Department at the Auckland Museum, New Zealand.

Dr Lester Cannon (retired) was Senior Curator of lower invertebrates at the Queensland Museum, Australia. He undertook his doctoral studies at the University of Toronto, Canada, and pursued his post-doctoral studies on parasite ecology in California, USA.