Finding Birds in Australia's Northern Territory

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A guide to the Northern Territory's best birdwatching areas.

Birds are a prominent feature of the Northern Territory environment, with almost half of Australia's bird species found there in spectacular landscapes ranging from deserts to tropics.

This guide will lead you to the Northern Territory's best birdwatching areas and help you find the birds. It is designed to be used in conjunction with one of the Australian field identification guides. The book has four main sections: habitats, areas, special birds and a checklist. The text does not discuss every bird likely to be found in every area, instead it points out interesting species found at each site. The special birds section covers birds considered to be special to the Northern Territory and includes tips on finding the birds and local identification hints.


No longer available in a print edition.


"Birders to the Northern Territory should find this attractively presented book a valuable part of their gear."
Walter E. Boles, Australian Museum (Nature Australia, Winter 1998)

"A birdwatcher would gain much by reading it from cover to cover before setting out on that birding trip to the Territory."
Niven McCrie, Wingspan December 1998


ePDF | July 1997
ISBN: 9780643100985
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Helps you to find Northern Territory's 384 terrestrial birds and regular migrants
  • Describes in detail the best birdwatching sites in 13 areas of the Territory
  • Has easy-to-follow maps for all areas described
  • Provides information on access, accommodation and camping so you can plan your trip before you leave
  • Contains detailed information on 69 of the Territory's rare, endemic and other special birds
  • Gives the latest scientific and common names for Australian birds
  • Has a comprehensive checklist that provides concise information on status, habitat and where to find the birds