Soil Water Monitoring

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Brings together information on current equipment and techniques for measuring and monitoring soil water status.

Soil Water Monitoring brings together information on current equipment and techniques for measuring and monitoring soil water status, extending to their use as controllers in automatic irrigation systems. The main part of the package focuses on equipment with agents and backup within Australia. The hub of the publication is a collection of tables summarising the main product features. This enables product features to be compared quickly. As well as technical data, there is also commercial information on suppliers, contact details, availability and price (accurate at October 2004). Case studies from personal experience and from the literature provide further insight into the advantages and limitations of each device in relation to its potential applications. + Full description

This second edition updates the list of equipment and supplier contact details and provides a new range of case studies.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen over the past four years since the publication of the first edition of this Irrigation Insights information package is that many sensors are now able to link with a variety of measurement systems. This brings the advantage of integrating several instruments on the same logger and having all information telemetered (again with an ever widening range of options) to a central point. User-friendly, handheld systems that greatly reduce or negate cabling are also making collecting, recording and displaying information much easier. Further development of sensor technology has now produced multi-measurement instruments capable of tracking solute, e.g. salinity and fertiliser, through a soil profile.

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Paperback | April 2005 | $ 33.00
ISBN: 9781920860561 | 100 pages
Publisher: Land & Water Australia
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About This Publication
Case studies
Measures Of Soil Water Status
Water depth
Technologies For Measuring Soil Water Status
Suction measurement systems
Volumetric water content systems
Product Selection
Accuracy of equipment
Product feature summaries
Product Explanation
Porous media
Frequency domain reflectometry (capacitance
Time domain reflectometry (TDR) and time delay transmission
Neutron moderation
Wetting front detection
Case Studies
Resources And Contacts
Web resources and recent publications
Appendix 1. Time domain reflectometry – an introduction
Appendix 2. Frequency domain reflectometry
Appendix 3. Neutron moderation method
Appendix 4. A value selection method for choosing between alternative soil moisture sensors
Appendix 5. Annual crop soil moisture monitoring cost comparison