Application of New Genetic Technologies to Animal Breeding

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Reviews developments in the application of new technologies to animal breeding.

The 16th Biennial Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics (AAABG) gathers together scientists, extension workers, producers and industry personnel to review developments in the application of new technologies to animal breeding. Conference presentations include 30 invited reviews and papers, and 95 contributed papers. All papers are peer-reviewed, and cover session topics that focus on genetic evaluation systems, gene expression profiling, identification and manipulation of quantitative trait loci, progress in applied programs and advanced statistical and computing techniques. + Full description

Industry applications are discussed for improvement in production, health and reproduction of domestic livestock, aquaculture species and even crocodiles and ostriches. Institutions and industries in Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, South-East Asia and Japan are represented with significant participation of major Cooperative Research Centres.

These proceedings contain the full text of all contributed papers and summaries of the invited reviews which are published separately in the Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture.

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Keynote Address
Genetic Evaluation Systems
Genetic Parameters in Merino Sheep
Poultry CRC
Cattle and Sheep Growth
Young Scientists 1
Genomics: The advent of new genetic technologies
Pig Genetics 1
Young Scientists 2
General Issues
Pig Genetics 2
Gene Expression Profiling for Beef
Selection Index and Genetic Progress
Sheep CRC and Genomics Program 1
Sheep CRC and Genomics Program 2
Sheep genomics – core technologies and resources
Young Scientists 3
New Genetic Technologies for Pigs
QTL in Cattle
Young Scientists 4
Dairy Cattle
Cattle and Beef Quality CRC 1
Computing Techniques: Developments and Validations
Breeding and Genetics of Sheep
QTL: Advanced Statistical Approaches