The Weather Makers

cover of The Weather Makers

Argues for the need to address the implications of a global change that is endangering our very survival.

The last 10,000 years have been humanity's day in the sun: we planted the first crops, domesticated animals, and built the first civilisations - and all of this happened not once but many times independently in different parts of the world. But all that is about to change.

Our civilisation is facing its greatest threat - an unprecedented heating of our planet that looks set to destroy the first global civilisation humanity has ever developed. Ironically, the very substance that allowed humans to develop that civilisation - fossil fuels - is the cause of the looming catastrophe.

In this groundbreaking and essential new book Tim Flannery argues passionately for the need to address - now - the implications of a global change that is damaging all life on earth and endangering our very survival.

The Weather Makers is accessible for every interested Australian. In addition to explaining the background story of global warming, it provides a clear outline of what each of us can do to avoid catastrophe.


The slow awakening
Part 1 – Gaia’s tools

The great aerial ocean
The gaseous greenhouse
The sages and the onion skin
Time’s gateways
Born in the deep freeze
Miking the long summer
Digging up the dead
Part 2 – One in ten thousand
The unravelling world
Peril at the poles
2050: The great stumpy reef
A warning from the golden toad
Liquid gold: changes in rainfall
An energetic onion skin
Playing at Canute
Part 3 – The science of prediction
Model worlds
The commitment, and approaching extreme danger
Levelling the mountains
How can they keep on moving?
Boiling the abyss
The pack of jokers
Civilisation: out with a wimper?
Part 4 – People in greenhouses
A close-run thing
The road to Kyoto
Cost, cost, cost
People in greenhouses shouldn’t tell lies
Engineering solutions?
Last steps on the stairway to Heaven?
Part 5 – The solution
Bright as sunlight, light as wind
Nuclear lazarus?
Of hybrids, minicats and contrails
The last act of God?
2084: The carbon dictatorship?
Time’s up
Over to you
Climate change checklist
Green power