CSIRO Focus Issue

cover of CSIRO Focus Issue

CSIRO is the largest of the publicly funded Australian research agencies, and focuses on research that benefits Australia by improving the environment, health, and the economy. Chemists working in what is now CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies have, for example, produced the mineral floatation process, the first influenza drug ‘Relenza’, the polymer banknote, the insecticide ‘Cycloprothrin’, the Focus Night and Day contact lens, Elast-Eon, Novosorb, and seen the establishment of many new technology-based companies. The papers in this issue of the Australian Journal of Chemistry cover CSIRO’s current contributions to surface and colloid chemistry, optically variable devices, biostable polymer implants, absorption properties of drug leads, wood treatments, and of course synthetic chemistry, especially of heterocycles. Together, these papers show that this tradition of excellence in science combined with a strong commitment to utility is thriving.


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