Grafting and Budding

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A comprehensive and practical guide on all of the grafting techniques the professional and home gardener is likely to need.

Grafting and Budding is a comprehensive and clearly written, practical guide to all of the grafting and budding techniques any professional or home gardener is likely to need. + Full description

The book begins with a brief history of the subject, explains how grafting works and shows why it is now the preferred technique for propagating most commercial plants. It then describes the basics of budding, grafting and multi-grafting and presents step-by-step instructions for making the special cuts used in grafting and budding. Advice is also given on the selection of scion wood, the preparation of rootstocks and the after-care of grafted plants.

The methods of budding and grafting are explained in fine detail, including T-budding, chip budding and patch budding, the splice graft, wedge graft, whip and tongue graft, side graft, bark graft and approach graft, the grafting of herbaceous plants and machine bench grafting. More than 60 sketches and photographs are included to help illustrate various aspects of the skill of grafting.

New to this edition are sections covering the preferred methods of propagation for Australian natives such as eucalypts, banksias, hakeas and grevilleas; cacti; conifers; general deciduous ornamentals; black passionfruit; roses and tomatoes, making it an indispensable addition to any avid gardener’s bookshelf.

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"All keen propagators should have a copy of Grafting and Budding."
Jenni Bird, Brisbane News, October 2008


Paperback | August 2008 | $ 39.95
ISBN: 9780643093973 | 112 pages | 245 x 170 mm
Publisher: Landlinks Press

ePDF | August 2008
ISBN: 9780643096240
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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  • Gives detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Covers all methods for grafting and budding
  • Clearly illustrated with photographs and line drawings (this edition includes more photographs)
  • This new addition now covers ornamental species in addition to fruit and nut plants, such as roses, conifers and Australian natives
  • The descriptions of the different sorts of grafts have been expanded and clarified


William J Lewis, now retired, was formerly a Senior Technical Officer with CSIRO Plant Industry Horticulture Unit at Merbein, Victoria. For over 20 years he grew and grafted many different fruit and nut trees for research projects.

Donald McEwan Alexander worked at CSIRO Merbein as a Senior Research Scientist for almost 40 years and is now retired. He published many papers, reports and booklets related to grape vines, citrus and avocados. During the 1970s he led a program introducing various new crops and new varieties into Australia, including avocado, mango, cashew, custard apple, Chinese date and others.