Brief Tour of Human Consciousness

cover of Brief Tour of Human Consciousness

Leading expert neurologist provides an audacious tour of the human mind based upon medical experience with patients and scientific research.

Five investigations of the greatest mysteries of the brain: The first chapter shows how amputees feel pain in limbs they no longer have as it introduces the great revolution of our age: neuroscience. The second chapter walks through how what we see determines our thoughts, and demonstrates the counterintuitive point that believing is in fact seeing. The third chapter takes a leap beyond cutting-edge science to audaciously set out a general theory of beauty, explaining why, the world over, cultures have fundamentally similar notions of what is attractive. The fourth chapter explores the bizarre world of synesthetes, people who see colours in numbers, textures in smells, sounds in sights, and flavours in sounds. Finally, Ramachandran, one of the foremost brain researchers in the world today, sums up the implications of the revolution in our understanding of consciousness to make a fascinating argument about our essential sense of self.