Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: The Sheep

Paperback - September 2006 - AU $25.00

PDF - September 2006

Updated guide to the welfare and husbandry of sheep, including an appendix on mulesing.

This Code is intended as a guide for all people responsible for the welfare and husbandry of sheep. This edition has been revised in line with the most recent recommendations of the Animal Welfare Working Group within the Primary Industries Ministerial Council and includes an appendix providing guidelines on the procedure for mulesing sheep. + Full description

The wool industry has proposed that mulesing be phased out by 2010 but until then the standards for the conduct of this procedure as outlined in this code must be adhered to.

The Code is intended as a set of guidelines that provides detailed minimum standards for assisting people in understanding the standard of care required to meet their obligations under the laws that operate in Australia’s States and Territories.

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Paperback | September 2006 | $ 25.00
ISBN: 9780643093560 | 30 pages | 250 x 175 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

PDF | September 2006 |
ISBN: 9780643093577 | 30 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing


  • Covers important practices governing welfare including protection from disease
  • New appendix providing guidelines on the procedure for mulesing sheep


Food and Water
Protection from climatic extremes, natural disasters and predation
Protection from disease
Intensive sheep systems
Sheep handling facilities
Management Practices
Husbandry procedures – surgical
Euthanasia of sheep
Appendix 1: Special requirements for intensive sheep systems
Appendix 2: Euthanasia
Appendix 3: Mulesing