How to Treat Bites and Stings

cover of How to Treat Bites and Stings

Comprehensive guide to the treatment and prevention of bites and stings.

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Australia is full of creatures that bite or sting – even some plants sting or are poisonous. Some are dangerous and life threatening, others are just a nuisance.

How to Treat Bites and Stings:

  • lists the creatures and plants alphabetically, from Ants to Wasps
  • provides colour photographs to help you identify the culprit
  • describes the symptoms of the bite or sting and how to treat it
  • gives star ratings that indicate how dangerous the creature or plant is
  • provides distribution mapsthat show where you might encounter the plant or animal
The prevention section gives tips on how to avoid being bitten or stung and the first aid section explains:
  • the basic treatment
  • how to perform cardio-pulmonary and expired-air resuscitation
  • how to control bleeding
  • how to apply pressure-immobilisation bandage