Algae of Australia: Nemaliales

Hardback - November 2006 - AU $94.95

Documents the 3 families, 20 genera and 55 species of Australian Nemaliales.

The marine algae are plants of considerable biological and economic importance. The Nemaliales, one of the most diverse and significant orders of red algae in Australian waters, is found on shores, in rockpools and in the subtidal on all coasts of Australia. These beautiful and unusual plants offer a spectacular range of form and colour; some are relatively firm and chalky, others are worm-like or are highly mucilaginous and have the consistency of jelly. + Full description

This volume documents the 3 families, 20 genera and 55 species of Australian Nemaliales, and it is richly illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings. A detailed introduction to the history, structure, reproduction and relationships of the order is followed by advice on the microscopical examination of specimens, identification keys to families, genera and species and comprehensive descriptions of each taxon. Appendices include the description of the new genus Titanophycus and DNA sequence analyses of the evolutionary relationships of the order.

- Short description


"Not only an attractively prepared volume that compiles studies published in the last decades and until now dispersed in specialised journals, but also an exquisite phycological monograph for an especially rich and diverse order of macroalgae within the exciting Australian marine flora."
Julio Afonso-Carrillo, Botanica Marina, Vol. 51, 2008

"This publication is an admirable monograph of the knowledge to date, successfully and relatively painlessly steering the reader through the complex anatomy and taxonomy of the Nemaliales."
R.N. Baldock, Australian Systematic Botany Newsletter 129 (December 2006)


Hardback | November 2006 | $ 94.95
ISBN: 9780643093782 | 164 pages | 250 x 174 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Illustrations


  • An up-to-date account of a significant and highly attractive component of the Australian marine algal flora
  • Authoritative identification keys
  • Full descriptions and synonymy
  • Habitat information
  • Distribution map for each species
  • Numerous superb colour photographs, as well as line illustrations of most species