Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 35, Parts 1 – 3

This authoritative three-volume set lists 4482 species of fish found in Australia.

Australia’s 4,482 fish species are documented in this new 3 part set, the Zoological Catalogue of Australia, Vol. 35, Fishes, authored by Douglass Hoese, Dianne Bray, Gerald Allen, John Paxton, and others. A previous volume, published in 1989, is updated and integrated into this very comprehensive cover of Australia’s fish fauna. Taxonomic information is provided, with the original literature as well as museum data on the original type specimens. For all species listed in this work broad distributions are indicated, both inside and outside Australian waters and a short summary of known ecological data is given. References are provided to key works that can help identify the fauna at all taxonomic levels. Of particular value is the extensive information on the status of knowledge of groups and species derived from collaboration with world experts. Because so much of the fauna is widespread beyond Australian shore, this catalogue is not only of particular interest to Australians, but also to other nations bordering the Indian and Pacific Oceans. + Full description

This new Catalogue will be an invaluable resource for research, and fisheries management and industries, and provide the basis for future work on Australia’s fish fauna.

The purpose of this work is to deliver an authoritative list of fish names and a brief summary of ecological, distributional and bibliographic information for use by other fish taxonomists, fishery personnel, government agencies, etc.

- Short description


"...each chapter is written with great accuracy. The book is simply indispensible for anyone working on the systematics, taxonomy or biogeography of the Australia ichthyofauna."
Ulrich Schliewen, Spixiana, Vol 31 No 2, November 2008


  • Provides an authoritative list of fish names for species found in Australian waters
  • Provides a vital and brief summary of ecological, distributional and bibliographic information, as well as type and nomenclatural information for use by other fish taxonomists, fishery personnel and government agencies
  • This work is widely applicable to all countries bordering the Indo-west Pacific region
  • Provides a vital resource for identifying Australian fish