Algae of Australia: Introduction

Hardback - March 2007 - AU $190.00

This introductory volume in the new Algae of Australia series includes essays, keys and an extensive bibliography.

Algae are essential components of marine and freshwater habitats in and around Australia. They play a critical role in nutrient cycling, as food and shelter for invertebrates and fish, and some have considerable potential as biological indicators of the health of aquatic habitats. At least 12,000 marine, freshwater and terrestrial species are thought to occur in Australia, but many are yet to be described or fully documented. It is hoped that the series Algae of Australia will stimulate research, especially on the many poorly known groups and their habitats. + Full description

This introductory volume includes essays on the history of research on Australian algae, their classification, fossil record, systematic relationships, ecology, biogeography and economic significance. Keys to the identification of the orders of algae are accompanied by an extensive bibliography, and 29 synoptic chapters provide an overview of the biology of the algal classes. The volume concludes with a glossary of more than 1500 technical terms.

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"This so-called introductory volume to an anticipated series of volumes on the algae of Australia is an impressively rich compendium of contributions covering essentially all aspects dealing with the algae. An international lineup of experts has been drawn upon to provide authoritative accounts of the diverse range of topics covered by this volume. The two editors, and all the authors are to be congratulated for producing a top-quality book that has clearly achieved what the book's title states."
Michael J. Wynne, Botanica Marina, Vol. 51, 2008

"The introductory volume of the Algae of Australia is an impressive compendium of phycological knowledge that will appeal to those working not only in Australia but also in many other parts of the world."
Alison Sherwood, Journal of Phycology, Vol 43, 2007

"Australian students will now have an exciting new textbook, this Introduction to the Algae of Australia, to guide their studies. This introductory volume is a wonderful compilation of information, recognising the extensive body of knowledge that already exists and laying a strong foundation to underpin the hope that the series Algae of Australia will stimulate futher phycological research in the future."
Murray J. Parsons, Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, June-September 2007


Hardback | March 2007 | $190.00
ISBN: 9780643093775 | 744 pages | 250 x 176 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Illustrations


  • The first comprehensive account of the development of Australian phycology since the 17th century, detailing research milestones and the people involved
  • Overview of the phylogeny, classification and fossil record of the Australian algae
  • Identification key to the orders of algae, accompanied by an 800-citation bibliography to references relevant to Australia
  • 29 synoptic chapters each providing an account of a class of algae
  • Essays on the ecology and biogeography of Australian marine and freshwater micro- and macroalgae
  • The economic importance of algae emphasising Australia
  • A glossary of more than 1500 technical terms relevant to algae
  • Numerous superb colour and b/w photographs illustrating the range of algal morphology