Working Sheep Dogs

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Reveals little known methods for training and handling sheep dogs in the most effortless manner.

Working Sheep Dogs examines and illuminates every aspect of the high-quality working dog. It provides a detailed discussion of the principles behind the training of working dogs, and reveals little-known methods for training and handling sheep dogs in the most effortless manner. + Full description

The text is divided into six major sections covering the instincts of the working dog, breeding, principles of training, methods of training, handling livestock and sheep dog trials. Photographs and line drawings help to illustrate best techniques when training dogs, such as how to teach dogs to cast, muster and drive.

Containing the first comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the instincts of the working dog, and discussing the various principles and methods of their breeding, this book is a practical reference for farmers and stockmen, hobby and lifestyle farmers, sheep dog trial competitors and breeders of working dogs.

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"A truly exceptional book on breeding. It remains consistently appealing to both novice and expert. Williams' detailed research and fine insights reveal the painstaking obsession of brilliance."
Dogworld, January 2008

"Working Sheep Dogs is not simply a manual on how to train a working animal, but provides a whole new approach to breeding, training and handling farm dogs."
Trudi Slavin, The Land, July 2007

"Working Sheep Dogs is a helpful book on what to look for and how to train and breed a quality relaxed dog, that will perform in difficult situations."
Louise Preece, Special Southern Farmer Liftout, July 2007

"I think this book is destined to become a classic in its field."
Stuart Robertson, NZ Sheepdog Newsletter, 2007


Paperback | April 2007 | $ 29.95
ISBN: 9780643093430 | 280 pages | 248 x 170 mm
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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Publisher: Landlinks Press
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Publisher: Landlinks Press
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  • A unique detailed breakdown and analysis of the instincts and traits of the working dog, and the differences between breeds
  • A comprehensive analysis of the principles behind training dogs and handling stock
  • Many new or little-known training tips that allow dogs to be trained in a much shorter time and more effectively
  • The only current and detailed analysis of sheep dog trials and their judging methods, and how the trials' shortcomings can be improved in order to assist in breeding better practical working dogs


Tully Williams has an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Farm Management) and has worked as a farm manager and professional stockman for the past ten years. He has an in-depth knowledge of genetics and breeding, and animal psychology, developed over many years. Tully has also served as a councillor and Sheepdog trial judge for the Victorian Working Sheepdog Association (VWSDA), the body that manages sheepdog trials in Victoria.