Australia's Water Resources

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This book explores the recent profound reorientation of attitudes and relationships to water in Australia.

Australia’s Water Resources seeks to explore the circumstances underpinning the profound reorientation of attitudes and relationships to water that has taken place in Australia in recent decades. The changing emphasis from development to management of water resources continues to evolve and is reflected in a series of public policy initiatives directed towards rational, efficient and sustainable use of the nation's water. + Full description

Australia is now recognised as a pacesetter in water reform. Administrative restructuring, water pricing, water markets and trade, integrated water resources management, and the emergence of the private sector, are features of a more economically sound and environmentally compatible water industry. It is important that these changes are documented and their rationale and effectiveness explained. This timely work provides an important synthesis of these issues.

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"Dr. Pigram provides an excellent analysis of the past and present water situation in Australia, and a promotion of developing a vision-based national water policy."
Charles B. Priddle, Canadian Water Resources Journal, Vol. 32, 2007

"My recommendation is that any person wishing to engage in national debates about water management should read this book. Why? Simply because it provides a brilliant nation-wide synthesis of the way Australian water resources are used, have been allocated and are being managed."
Mike Young, The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, No. 51, 2007

"The book provides both a valuable teaching resource (with many well constructed figures) and a critical and refreshing insight into current trends in water resource management. Australia's Water Resources provides a positive contribution to policy, practice and education."
Mick Hillman, Geographical Research, June 2007

"It was a lifesaver and if there is one book to get you up to speed on our water challenges, it is this one."
Malcolm Turnbull, The Australian


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Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Authoritative treatment of an issue of national and continuing importance
  • Coverage of key issues including industry, agriculture, recreation and tourism
  • Future directions of water resources in Australia


Preface Acknowledgements Water resources in time and space
Australia’s water resources – wet and dry
Taming the rivers and watering the inland
Agenda for change: water reform in Australia
Water for urban Australia
Water for industry, mining and energy generation
Water for irrigated agriculture
Water and the environment
Water: outdoor recreation and tourism
Australia’s water resources, 2025


John Pigram is Adjunct Professor, Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research, University of New England. He was Member of the Board of Governors of the World Water Council from 1996 to 2006 and is Past President of the International Water Resources Association. Professor Pigram has over 40 years experience in water research and received the IWRA Distinguished Service Award in 2006 for research and education in global water management.