Managing Water for Australia

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Addresses major challenges in implementing required reforms in Australian water policy and management.

Australian water policy and management are undergoing rapid and immense change in response to drought, technological advances, climate change and demographic and economic shifts. The National Water Initiative and the 2007 Australian Government water policy statements propose a fundamental shift in how Australians will use and manage water in the future. + Full description

The implementation of the national water policy presents many challenges – the creation of water rights and markets, comprehensive water planning, new legislative settings, community participation in water management, linking urban and rural water management, and more. Managing Water for Australia brings together leading social sciences researchers and practitioners to identify the major challenges in achieving sustainable water management, to consolidate current knowledge, and to explore knowledge gaps in and opportunities for furthering water reform.

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"Greatest benefit will be gained by sampling a chapter at a time to savour each new morsel of information and digest the thought-provoking challenges ahead. The impact of this book cannot be understated: it has already influenced National Water Commission-funded programs of recommended research."
Claudia Baldwin, Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, Vol 16, September 2009

"A good, well-written overview and an excellent summary for anyone wanting to get up-to-speed on current water policy initiatives in Australia."
Diane Wiesner, Journal of Australian Water Association, 2007


Paperback | July 2007 | $ 54.95
ISBN: 9780643093928 | 176 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ePDF | July 2007
ISBN: 9780643098442
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Strong and constructive focus on the reform agenda for water policy
  • Offers a substantial, rigorous and highly topical contribution of knowledge to Australia’s water resource management capacities
  • Brings together a range of specialists from the social science disciplines, including political scientists, economists, sociologists and legal scholars


Contributors: Kathleen Bowmer, Serena Chen, Daniel Connell, Stephen Dovers, Douglas E Fisher, Alex Gardner, Geraldine Gentle, R Quentin Grafton, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Karen Hussey, Sue Jackson, Tony Jakeman, Rebecca Letcher, Joe Morrison, Chris Olszak, Deborah Peterson, Lisa Robins, Kate Stoeckel, Geoff Syme and Mike Young.