Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources

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Provides guidelines to promote the development and implementation of consistent methods for conducting soil and land resource surveys.

Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources promotes the development and implementation of consistent methods and standards for conducting soil and land resource surveys in Australia. These surveys are primarily field operations that aim to identify, describe, map and evaluate the various kinds of soil or land resources in specific areas. + Full description

The advent of geographic information systems, global positioning systems, airborne gamma radiometric remote sensing, digital terrain analysis, simulation modelling, efficient statistical analysis and internet-based delivery of information has dramatically changed the scene in the past two decades. As successor to the Australian Soil and Land Survey Handbook: Guidelines for Conducting Surveys, this authoritative guide incorporates these new methods and techniques for supporting natural resource management.

Soil and land resource surveyors, engineering and environmental consultants, commissioners of surveys and funding agencies will benefit from the practical information provided on how best to use the new technologies that have been developed, as will professionals in the spatial sciences such as geomorphology, ecology and hydrology.

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"This is a well presented book that should be of value to all organisations and researchers involved in soil and land resource survey, and to those who need to analyse and use the resulting survey data. The emphasis throughout on Australian examples and practice should not deter readers elsewhere from using the book. It covers all aspects of survey and the potential use that such data can be put to."
M A Oliver, Precision Agriculture, April 2009

"This book provides a solid introduction to, and at times an excellent detailed review of, Australian soil and land resource surveying techniques… this 2nd edition provides a modern perspective."
Jason Reynolds, Charles Sturt University, Journal of Spatial Science, December 2008


Hardback | April 2008 | $150.00
ISBN: 9780643090910 | 576 pages | 248 x 170 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations

ePDF | April 2008
ISBN: 9780643095809
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Part 1: Introduction
Approaches to land resource survey

Part 2: Landscape context and remote sensing
Geology, geomorphology and regolith
Soil and landscape processes
Digital terrain analysis
Climate and hydrology
Land-use mapping
Remote sensing with air photography
Spectral reflectance imagery (imaging spectroscopy)
Temporal analysis of remote sensing imagery
Gamma-ray spectrometry

Part 3: Survey mechanics
Survey specification and planning
Survey resources
Field operations
Measuring soil
Qualitative survey
Classifying soil and land

Part 4: Digital soil mapping and pedometrics
Sampling using statistical methods
Statistical analysis
Predicting soil properties using pedotransfer functions and environmental correlation
Analysing uncertainty
Information management
Synthesis studies: making the most of existing data

Part 5: Land evaluation
Conventional land evaluation
Quantitative land evaluation
Intensive survey for agriculture
Monitoring soil and land condition
Legal and planning framework