Dictionary of Australian and New Guinean Mammals

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A unified guide to the mammals of Australia and Melanesia, covering native and introduced species.

Dictionary of Australian and New Guinean Mammals is the first unified guide to the mammals of both Australia and New Guinea. Based on Ronald Strahan’s first dictionary of Australian mammals, published in 1981, it includes all species, both native and introduced. For each species and genus, it provides a clear guide to pronunciation, the derivation and significance of the component parts of the name, and the citation that identifies its earliest valid description. + Full description

This unique work includes biographical notes on fifty-one zoologists who, over the past three centuries, have named Australian and New Guinean mammals.

The book also includes an account of the principles and practices of zoological nomenclature, together with a comprehensive bibliography and an index of common names.

Dictionary of Australian and New Guinean Mammals is an invaluable reference for mammal researchers and students, as well as anyone interested in natural history.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"…a valuable reference for those interested in the taxonomy and natural history of Australian and New Guinean mammals."
Desley Whisson, the Victorian Naturalist, April 2009

"This book is an essential resource for any one interested in the mammals of the region, not just scientists and students working in mammalogy, but also the lay person with an interest in the mammals. This book will prove itself to be a timeless and indispensable reference book, and will rarely sit idle on the bookshelf for very long."
Karl Vernes and Stephen Jackson, Australian Mammalogy Reviews, 2008

"The scope of this fascinating dictionary is not primarily biological. Rather, it has been written for people, biologists and laymen alike. If you are one of those, you now know where to turn to - you will certainly not regret it!"
Frank E. Zachos, Mammalian Biology, November 2007


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ISBN: 9780643098404
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ISBN: 9780643100060
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Compiled by one of Australia's most distinguished zoologists, Ronald Strahan, together with natural history author and artist, Pamela Conder
  • Complete listing of Australian and Melanesian mammals, thus recognising the essential unity of the mammal fauna of these two regions
  • Unique guide to pronunciation


Ronald Strahan taught zoology in several universities before becoming Director of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo in 1967. In 1974 he was appointed Research Fellow in the Australian Museum, and later head of its National Photographic Index of Australian Wildlife, from which he produced nineteen books, including an authoritative work, The Mammals of Australia. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Biology, and the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales and an Honorary Life Member of the Australian Mammal Society. In 1995 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia. He is married to Pamela Conder and this is their second joint book.

Pamela Conder is a distinguished artist, author and naturalist. She has published widely, both as author and as artist, in a variety of contexts including scientific, popular natural history and children's fiction. Her work has been recognized by numerous awards for both writing and visual arts, including the Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Fellowship of the Museum of Victoria for her research on Flying-foxes. Many exhibitions of her art have been held in Australia and internationally.