Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production of Wild Game Meat for Human Consumption

Paperback - November 2007 - AU $35.00

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This Australian Standard lays out the standards required for producing game meat for human consumption from wild animals and birds killed in their natural environment. It sets the minimum standards required in hygiene for harvesting, transporting, processing, packaging and storage, to ensure a safe and wholesome product. Provision is made for small animals such as hare and game birds presented whole. + Full description

This new Standard supercedes the previous version, SCARM Report 57 (AS 4464:1997).

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Paperback | November 2007 | $ 35.00
ISBN: 9780643094536 | 72 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

PDF | November 2007 |
ISBN: 9780643094543 | 72 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing