Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds

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A comprehensive introduction to the recent systematic literature of Australian birds.

Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds presents an up-to-date classification of Australian birds. Building on the authors’ 1994 book, The Taxonomy and Species of Birds of Australia and its Territories, it incorporates the extensive volume of relevant systematic work since then. The findings of these studies are summarised and evaluated in the explanations for the taxonomic treatments adopted, and with the extensive citations, the book serves as a comprehensive introduction to the recent systematic literature of Australian birds. + Full description

All species of birds that have been recorded from the Australian mainland, Tasmania, island territories and surrounding waters are treated and listed. Along with extant native species, all accepted vagrants, recently extinct (since 1800) native species and established introduced species are included.

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"The Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds is a milestone in the literature of Australian avian systematics….a thorough and fascinating review of the current state of knowledge of the higher level taxonomy of the Class Aves and an exhaustive review and analysis of the avian literature relating to the genera and species of Australian birds. It is a major, and well-argued, summary of the systematics of the birds of Australia and one that all those interested in Australian birds should read, in part or whole."
Peter J. Higgins, Australian Zoologist, Vol 35 No 1, 2009

"...publications that make our findings accessible to a wide audience, such as Christidis and Boyles’ new Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds, may be among the most significant works that we publish…an exceptionally well-researched volume. The breadth of knowledge that the authors bring to bear on the subject is impressive, and the expertise and effort required to complete such a project are substantial."
R. Terry Chesser, Systematic Biology, Vol 58 (6), 2009

"The importance of this publication is that in all probability it will become the benchmark for the taxonomy of Australian birds for the coming years."
The Bird Observer, April 2008

"The work is of immense scientific value as a tool for ornithologists, conservation managers and birders alike."
Rohan Clarke, IBIS, October 2008

"If you're serious about understanding the relationships of Australian birds you need this book."
Ian Fraser, Recent Natural History Publications periodical #11, 2008

"Overall, the new Christidis and Boles is a very thorough and scholarly work that is state of the art in understanding the genetic relationships of Australia's birds… sets the standard."
Stephen Debus, Australian Field Ornithology, Vol.25 (3), September 2008


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  • Incorporates extensive systematic and taxonomic changes since 1994
  • Includes recently extinct native species as well as established introduced species.


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