Plant Structure

A concise, fundamental guide to understanding plant structure containing superb colour photographs and drawings.


This fundamental guide to understanding plant structure offers plant scientists, plant biologists and horticulturalists in practice, academic life and in training a combination of concise scientific text and superb colour photographs and drawings.

The book deals with the development and mature form of plants, focusing on structure at anatomical, histological and fine structure levels. Appropriate emphasis is given to plants of economic importance.

The new and totally revised edition has been expanded by 30% with over 50 new photographs and diagrams. The original author has been joined by Dr James Mauseth to create a formidable partnership of teaching and research experience from Europe and North America.

Key elements of the revised book include: recent findings (supplemented by DNA analysis) on the classification of flowering plants; current concepts of plant wall structure; detailed description of leaves as insectivorous traps; spines in cacti, desert plants adapted for water storage, saltmarsh and aquatic plants; a new section on asexual plant multiplication; additional bibliography and website resources.

Plant Structure: A Colour Guide is designed as a tool for teaching and revision at undergraduate and graduate levels, as a complement to traditional textbooks for professionals and researchers, and as a general reference for non-specialists.


  • A revised edition of a classic guide to understanding plant structure
  • Covers anatomy, histology and ultrastructure
  • Combines concise scientific text with colour photos and drawings of the highest quality
  • Emphasises plants of economic importance
  • Value at many levels for teaching, revision, research and reference


The plant cell
Plant histology
Apical meristems
The green leaf
The stem
The root
Plant reproduction


Bryan G. Bowes Formerly Senior Lecturer at the Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, University of Glasgow, UK.

James D. Mauseth Professor, Integrative Biology, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA.