Sheep Farming for Meat and Wool

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Covers all aspects of sheep farming for meat and wool production throughout temperate Australia.

Sheep Farming for Meat and Wool contains practical, up-to-date information on sheep production and management for producers throughout temperate Australia. It is based on research and extension projects conducted over many years by the Department of Primary Industries and its predecessors and the University of Melbourne. + Full description

The book covers business management, pasture growth and management, nutrition and feed management, drought management, reproductive management, disease management, genetic improvement, animal welfare and working dog health. It also gives seasonal reminders for a spring lambing wool-producing flock, for autumn lambing Merino ewes joined to Border Leicester rams, and for winter lambing crossbred ewes joined to terminal sires. It will guide new and established farmers, students of agriculture and service providers with detailed information on the why and how of sheep production, and will assist farmer groups to initiate activities aimed at increasing their efficiency in specific areas of sheep production.

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Paperback | July 2010 | $ 69.95
ISBN: 9780643092945 | 336 pages | 260 x 200 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ePDF | July 2010
ISBN: 9780643101333
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Written for new and existing farmers by experts on all facets of production management
  • Each chapter covers a specialist area of the production system and contains a comprehensive guide to further reading
  • Contains a seasonal management calendar for both meat and wool producers


Chapter 1 Business management
Chapter 2 Pasture growth and management
Chapter 3 Nutrition and feed management
Chapter 4 Drought management
Chapter 5 Reproductive management
Chapter 6 Disease management
Chapter 7 Genetic improvement
Chapter 8 Animal welfare
Chapter 9 Working dog health
Appendix 1 – Monthly management reminders
Appendix 2 – Recording sheet for estimating average pasture height
Appendix 3 – Cutting and drying pasture quadrants for estimating pasture availability
Appendix 4 – Cost per weaner for different ram prices, joining rates and weaning percentages
References and further reading

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Jane Court is a Sheep industry Officer with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. Currently based in Seymour, she has also worked in East Gippsland, Central and North-East Victoria. She has worked on a range of trials including worm control, woolclip analysis, the Grasslands Productivity Program and Merino bloodline evaluation trials, and is a past President of the Grassland Society of Southern Australia.

John Webb Ware is a veterinarian and senior consultant with the University of Melbourne's Mackinnon Project. He has expertise in animal production systems and animal health.

Sue Hides is a Veterinary Officer with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. She has worked for many years in the Gippsland region, in the delivery of animal health and welfare programs.