Flora of Australia Volume 57

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This volume provides an up-to-date account of a significant component of the Australian lichen flora.

Volume 57 is the fifth volume of the Flora of Australia which documents the lichens. Here, we emphasise several speciose and ecologically significant families that colonise the bark of trees and shrubs in monsoon vine forest and in coastal and montane rainforest across northern Australia, viz. Graphidaceae, Phyllopsoraceae, Pyrenulaceae, Thelotremataceae and Trypetheliaceae. In addition, treatments are provided for prominent, mainly tropical and subtropical genera such as Dirinaria, Letrouitia, Pyxine and Strigula, as well as the more widely distributed Buellia s. str., Lepraria, Ramboldia and Tephromela. In contrast, the volume also includes lichens that are primarily associated with cool-temperate and montane habitats in south-eastern Australia, for example Nephroma, Peltigera, Thelocarpon and Umbilicaria. + Full description

Complete or partial accounts of 21 families are provided in Volume 57, including 78 genera and 654 species and infra-specific taxa. One genus (Schizotrema, Thelotremataceae) and 27 species are described as new to science, and 35 new combinations are made.

This work brings to 1822 the number of Australian lichen species and infra-specific taxa treated in the five volumes published.

- Short description


"These volumes, while being practical manuals for identification of lichen diversity in Australia, are also very helpful in many other regions of the Southern Hemisphere where there is no literature available. The detailed accounts of genera and species, with references to the source literature and the synonymy, provide anyone interested with essential taxonomic information. In addition the series provides a real insight into the potential diversity of the lichen flora on our planet!
Pat Wolseley, The Lichenologist, Vol 42/6, 2010

"It is most pleasing to see some extremely fine detailed treatments produced for groups which are clearly difficult and much more complex and diverse than perhaps traditionally realised…the appearance of another volume in this series is clearly a matter for celebration, especially in the currently unfavourable economic climate, and the valuable and excellent treatments presented reflect much credit on all contributors."
Graham Bell, Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 140, September 2009


Paperback | April 2009 | $150.00
ISBN: 9780643096653 | 708 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations


  • A fully up-to-date account of a significant component of the Australian lichen flora
  • Full descriptions and synonymy
  • Comprehensive lists of lichen compounds
  • Habitat information
  • Distribution map for each species
  • 183 plates of high-quality black and white photos and line-art
  • 64 colour illustrations