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Gives a full account of their way of life and the many hazards that wombats face.

One of Australia’s most engaging marsupials, the wombat is also one of the most disparaged and least understood. Often depicted as slow, muddle-headed and clumsy, it can, in fact, outpace a human or a dog over a short distance. Wombats are quick to learn and superbly adapted to their burrowing way of life. + Full description

This book gives a full account of how wombats live and the many hazards they face. Dealing mainly with the bare-nosed wombat, Vombatus ursinus, it also includes information on the southern hairy-nosed wombat, Lasiorhinus latifrons, as well as the northern hairy-nosed wombat, Lasiorhinus krefftii, which is one of the world’s most endangered animals. The book also gives practical advice on rearing orphan wombats.

Completely revised, this new edition has over 100 illustrations, including 23 colour plates and drawings by Peter Schouten.

- Short description


No longer available in a print edition.


"All of the books in the ‘Australian Natural History Series’ are very good. Not only is the content of high quality, but also both ‘The Wombat’ and ‘Wombats’ (the current second edition) are a delight to read…this is a book well worth owning for anyone interested in wombats."
M.L Augee, Linnaean Society of NSW Newsletter, No 134, December 2009, p.5-6

"Triggs illustrates her authoritative account with gently humorous anecdotes, and adds practical advice on rearing orphaned wombats – no easy task with a baby that quickly learns even the most stubborn door will yield to determined head-butting and intensive digging! Completely revised and with over 100 illustrations, this second edition of Womats opens the way to a new appreciation of one of Australia’s least understood marsupials."
Hilary Howes, Park Watch, March 2010

"…I just love this book for its natural history and superb photographs and illustrations. Barbara also has the knack of seamlessly incorporating scientific facts and terms into her lively descriptions…Wombats, second edition, will appeal to anyone wanting to find out about the lives of these wonderful animals."
Alison Matthews, Australian Zoologist, Vol 35 No 1, 2009


ePDF | July 2009
ISBN: 9780643097940
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ePUB | July 2009
ISBN: 9780643099869
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Completely revised edition of author’s 1996 book
  • Over 100 illustrations, including 23 colour plates
  • Drawings by Peter Schouten
  • New information on the two hairy-nosed species of wombats


1. Evolution and early history
2. The wombat itself
3. Burrows
4. What goes on in a burrow
5. Life above ground
6. From birth to maturity
7. Dangers, disorders and disasters
8. Wombats in the wardrobe
Appendix: Hand-rearing orphan wombats


Barbara Triggs has lived in East Gippsland among wombats and other animals since 1972. She is an authority on the identification of mammals by indirect means, and is the author of the best-selling field guide Tracks, Scats and Other Traces.