Pastoral Australia

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Tells the story of the expansion of Australia's pastoral industry, how it drove European settlement and involved Aboriginal people in the new settler society.

Pastoral Australia tells the story of the expansion of Australia's pastoral industry, how it drove European settlement and involved Aboriginal people in the new settler society. + Full description

The rural life that once saw Australia 'ride on the sheep's back' is no longer what defines us, yet it is largely our history as a pastoral nation that has endured in heritage places and which is embedded in our self-image as Australians.

The challenges of sustaining a pastoral industry in Australia make a compelling story of their own. Developing livestock breeds able to prosper in the Australian environment was an ongoing challenge, as was getting wool and meat to market. Many stock routes, wool stores, abattoirs, wharf facilities, railways, roads, and river and ocean transport systems that were developed to link the pastoral interior with the urban and market infrastructure still survive. Windmills, fences, homesteads, shearing sheds, bores, stock yards, travelling stock routes, bush roads and railheads all changed the look of the country. These features of our landscape form an important part of our heritage. They are symbols of a pastoral Australia, and of the foundations of our national identity, which will endure long into the future.

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"The authors, as heritage historians, provide an excellent reference to the prominent properties and how they fit into broader pastoral history. It would therefore be a useful resource for local historians and heritage assessors… Pastoral Australia can be seen as a welcome addition to the history of Australian land settlement."
Chris Soeterboek, Historical Records of Australian Science, Volume 22 Number 2, pp. 306-7

"This book traces the many strands that make up the pastoral industry’s history to provide a fascinating overview…"
Australian Heritage, Winter 2010


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ISBN: 9780643100503
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Outlines the history of pastoralism from 1788 to 1967 in an accessible way
  • Links the history to the many and varied surviving sites and landscape features created by it, which are now part of our heritage
  • Tells the story of involvement of Aboriginal people in pastoralism, particularly in northern Australia
  • Puts pastoralism into the context of Australia’s development as a nation


Chapter 1. Genesis 1788–1830
Chapter 2. Boom, Bust and Gold 1830–1860
Chapter 3. After the Gold Rush: An Evolving Industry 1860–1890
Chapter 4. Consolidation and Expansion 1860–1890
Chapter 5. Depression and Drought 1890–1915
Chapter 6. Maturity and the Golden Years 1915–1967
Chapter 7. Afterglow: Pastoralism into the Twenty-first
List of pastoral stations mentioned in the text

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Michael Pearson is a consultant historical archaeologist and heritage conservation planner with over thirty year’s experience in NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Australian Heritage Commission, and as head of Heritage Management Consultants.

Jane Lennon is a heritage conservation planning consultant with over thirty years practical experience in Australia and overseas and has published extensively including on rural heritage places issues and cultural landscape management.