Restoring Natural Areas in Australia

Paperback - December 2009 - AU $44.00

TAFE teacher and author Robin Buchanan returns with her updated book.

Restoring Natural Areas in Australia is a practical handbook for managing natural areas. A lavishly illustrated, full-colour publication, it covers all aspects of natural area restoration projects. You’ll learn how to assess vegetation, map and describe the resilience of remaining flora and fauna, the implications of climate change, and techniques for managing animal and plant pests.


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Paperback | December 2009 | $ 44.00
ISBN: 9780731306213 | 264 pages
Publisher: NSW Industry & Investment
Colour illustrations


Section 1 - Setting the scene
Describing natural areas
Damage to natural areas
Buffers and linkages (corridors)
Approaches to selecting and restoring natural areas
Section 2 – Your site
Getting to know your site
On-site decisions
Section 3 – Organising your project
Managing your project
Estimating and costing a project
Community involvement and funding
Legislation and legal requirements
Monitoring and evaluating
Report writing
Section 4 – Working on your site
Preparing to work
Soil management
Water and aquatic area management
Managing weeds
Seed collecting
Direct seeding
Transplanting and translocation
Fire management – pile burns
Visitors – tracks and signs
Section 5 - Appendices
Introductory site assessment sheet
Detailed site assessment sheet
Hazards, risks and safety measures associated with natural area restoration
Sample pesticide usage record
Sample pesticide storage inventory