Stone House Construction

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A comprehensive study of Australian stone building techniques in a residential context.

Stone House Construction is a comprehensive study of Australian stone building techniques in a residential context, for people with an interest in building or renovating, including property owners, architects and builders. It has a strong theme of historic stone buildings, as traditional forms of building respond to the need for structural integrity and stability over time against weathering. + Full description

The book covers aspects of building in locally sourced stone, from quarrying on-site to building arches over openings for upper storey walls, and is a source book of examples and methods to help the reader to carry on a tradition of building in local stone.

Stone buildings inspire people because they transfer a natural beauty to a human achievement. The book shows many examples of Australian stonework that have not been given exposure in previous architectural references. It promotes Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) through the continuation of a stonework tradition in Australia.

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"It is not a step-by-step DIY book – nothing but learning by experience really provides that. However, it provides a good grounding of knowledge, basic techniques and skills that will be of benefit to anyone interested in constructing their own stone home."
Lynda Wilson, The Owner Builder, Issue 172, pp. 20-24 August – September 2012

"It's an interesting read even for those not building their own house of stone and includes examples of a wide range of buildings, from humble cottages and garden walls through to some of the grandest historic houses in Australia. It's a great insight into the work involved and why stone houses function as well as they do."
Robyn Willis, Daily Telegraph, July 2012

"This is the book Gunn was looking for when she set out to design a stone house: a comprehensive study of stone house building techniques. Aimed at builders or renovators, it covers the history of stone building in Australia from the ground up. The book explains appropriate design, including passive solar aspects, as well as siting and stone availability and how to go about small-scale quarrying. There are many photos of stone building to inspire, but the chapter on stone in the landscape is perhaps the most striking."
Grass Roots, pp. 73, Aug/Sep 2012


Paperback | May 2012 | $ 69.95
ISBN: 9780643096370 | 232 pages | 245 x 170 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ePDF | May 2012
ISBN: 9780643106857
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Gives examples of Australian stone houses
  • Describes classic stone construction techniques
  • Provides a comprehensive study of building in stone and includes a specification guide
  • Shows stone as used in different parts of building and landscape
  • Promotes ethical use of a readily available local material


1 Stone house design
2 Geology of building stones
3 Siting and stone availability
4 Small-scale quarrying
5 Shaping stone
6 Techniques of wall building
7 Upper wall construction
8 Stone in the landscape
9 Fireplaces and chimneys
10 Floors and steps
11 Drawings and specifications

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Sarah Gunn studied architecture at the University of Melbourne. Her first involvement in building with stone was on a job for her mother. The project was a country house with a tower, near Hepburn Springs. Sarah and her husband travelled around Victoria and New South Wales seeking out stone houses and quarries to photograph, and to learn from people who were building in stone. She continued her architectural work in Castlemaine, VIC, then South West Rocks, NSW. She has contributed to the Good Wood Guide and grows rainforest trees on her property.