Eat Smart Stay Well

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Provides detailed nutritional information and medical benefits on 115 common edible plants.

Many of us know the importance of eating a wide range of fruit, vegetables and nuts for well-being. But less well known are the specific beneficial health properties of plants. This book provides detailed nutritional information on 115 common edible plants and the medical benefits that can be derived from eating them. + Full description

Almonds, for example, are very nutritious — the oil is a potent cholesterol-reducing agent, they help to normalise blood-sugar levels, are rich in calcium and magnesium, are a good source of B vitamins and are high in vitamin E. Whether looking to help with a particular medical condition or maximise your intake of essential fats, vitamins and minerals for optimum health, this is a reference book you cannot do without.

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Paperback | July 2010 | $ 29.95
ISBN: 9781869537333 | 312 pages | 228 x 148 mm
Publisher: David Bateman, New Zealand


  • Focuses on 115 commonly available edible plants
  • Detailed analysis of what is in the plants and their specific benefits for a range of health issues
  • Recipes accompany many of the entries and tables list plants by vitamin and mineral strength and health benefits for easy reference


Susanna Lyle is the author of Discovering Fruit & Nuts (2006) and Discovering Vegetables, Herbs & Spices (2009). While researching these books, she uncovered a huge amount of information on the specific nutritional and health benefits of hundreds of edible plants. She has selected 100 of the most beneficial for this book. Susanna was born and educated in the UK and is now based in Northland, New Zealand, where she grows many of the plants she describes.

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