Polar Eyes

Hardback - April 2010 - AU $24.95

A beautifully-designed and illustrated interactive children's book that brings Antarctica to life.

Where do penguins go to dance? What is it like to sleep in an igloo? And, how do you go to the toilet in Antarctica? Editor and photographer, Tanya Patrick, travelled to the coldest, windiest, driest and most isolated continent on Earth to find out. + Full description

Discover the answers and experience the magic of Antarctica in her book, Polar Eyes. Fantastic images, interviews with researchers, hands-on activities and more in this beautifully-designed and illustrated book bring Antarctica to life for readers aged 8 and above.

- Short description


Hardback | April 2010 | $ 24.95
ISBN: 9780643096103 | 76 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Education Programs
Colour illustrations