Sharks and Rays of Borneo

The first comprehensive reference on the sharks and rays of Borneo.

This full-colour field guide complements a similar book on the economically important sharks and rays of Indonesia. It is the result of a collaborative project between the governments of the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, and is funded by the National Science Foundation. + Full description

The first comprehensive reference on the sharks and rays of Borneo, it contains everything you need to know about recognising and identifying the sharks, rays and chimaeras caught and marketed in Indonesia. Its user-friendly layout contains information on identifying features, size, distribution, local common names, habitat, biology and conservation status of 118 species. It is an essential reference for all shark and ray enthusiasts – including local fishers and consumers, fisheries and conservation officers and scientists.

Released at the Sharks International conference in Cairns in June, 2010.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"This 12-author work, a collaboration between the US, Australian, Malaysian, and Indonesian governments, is as good and user-friendly a field guide as they come."
G. C. Jensen, Choice, July 2011, Vol. 48, No. 11

"...a well and very clearly illustrated production...a very useful handbook.”
Peter R. Last, William T. White et. al., Ausmarine, July 2011, p.36


This is a multi-authored title from CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research, produced by CSIRO PUBLISHING.