Coastal Plants

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The definitive guide to the common 100 plants of the Perth coastal region, including the key species used in coastal restoration.

Coastal Plants provides a definitive guide to the 100 most common plants of the Perth coastal region and includes the key species used in coastal restoration. Each species is presented with its Latin name, common name and family, together with its distribution, key diagnostic features, natural history, pollination, uses in restoration and propagation. The description for each species is accompanied by a distribution map and diagnostic photographs of the whole plant, flowers, seeds and fruits. + Full description

Coastal Plants also contains introductory chapters on the biology and ecology of the coastal plants, their biogeography, and practical approaches to the restoration of coastal dune vegetation.

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"...a must-have for those interested in coastal ecology and restoration."
Sunday Times, Perth, 26 Febraury 2012

"This emphasis on restoration makes it different from other books on our coastal plants ... A very useful addition to the library of anyone interested in our native coastal vegetation and its conservation and an essential one for anyone interested in Perth coastal dune restoration."
Margarent Larke, WA Naturalist News, September 2011

"This will be a very useful publication for anyone interested in coastal regeneration."
R.G. Richardson, Plant Protection Quarterly (2011), Vol.26 (3), p.111

"...Dixon’s interest and expertise in stimulating germination and measuring seed viability makes rewarding reading."
Wildflower Society of WA Newsletter, May 2011


Paperback | February 2011 | $ 39.95
ISBN: 9780643100473 | 288 pages | 215 x 148 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ePDF | February 2011
ISBN: 9780643101753
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • A comprehensive guide to the identity of coastal plants and their restoration
  • Full-colour photographic, easy to use guide to the plants of the west coast
  • Detailed approach to restoration and hints on practical coastal management
  • Produced in conjunction with Cambridge Coastcare


Part 1: Ecology and biology of plants of the west coast
Part 2: Ecological restoration of coastal dune vegetation
Part 3: Biogeography of coastal plants in the Perth region
Part 4: Species guide

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Kingsley Dixon is Director of Science at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Western Australia. He is a specialist in the ecology, restoration and conservation biology of Australian native plants and ecosystems. He has led a multi-disciplinary scientific group for more than 20 years specialising in seed ecology and biology, propagation science, germplasm conservation, conservation genetics and restoration ecology. He is also the inaugural Permanent Visiting Professor in the School of Plant Biology at the University of Western Australia. His interest and love of coastal ecosystems and working with Cambridge Coastcare spurred him to produce this book.